Sep 20, 2010

Lack of Updates and excuses

So I haven't updated in a while. I have excuses, by the bus load in fact! (minus the fact I don't own a bus and all that)

It has been a busy summer of doing a whole bunch of nothing! And then school started and I was trying to figure out how to schedule our lives what with having to be at the high school for 1 1/2 hours every weekday now, except Wednesday's where it is only 40 minutes. So. Hard.
Well, the whole figuring out the online school has been sort of hard, not as in it being online, but how they expect you to do everything. I would hate for my daughter to get in trouble because I didn't do something correctly in the order required. Noting that, I love love love having her in the online school. It seems easier for her (as well as me) and every school day is not filled with fighting and angst!

OK lets see what fun we can update about..

oh.. I got to have a surgery in August. I had a cardiac ablation surgery. It seems that what I thought was AFib was actually possibly Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardis (PSVT) . And I say possibly because they can not rule out the original diagnosis of AFib since it is possible to have both. So I went in and had the SVT ablation and am now (*fingers crossed*) better! (If you are interested there is a copy of a SVT surgery video online to watch)

I have been attempting to teach my crazy dog Annie to box with me. She is not taking well to this however there are times that she will "slap" me when we are playing now. She is pretty dorky.
Cocoa has learned to sit up and look pitiful to get treats. I did not teach him this as I am such a sucker I give in when he does it. Too. Cute.
The cats, Steve and Dozer, have learned nothing new. I really should work on making them do things to get stuff but Steve doesn't like treats and Dozer will just kill me if I do not give in.

Alrighty, that is enough update for today. I think I shall go have some lunch now before time to reorganize the teenager bedroom some more.

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