Sep 20, 2010

Lack of Updates and excuses

So I haven't updated in a while. I have excuses, by the bus load in fact! (minus the fact I don't own a bus and all that)

It has been a busy summer of doing a whole bunch of nothing! And then school started and I was trying to figure out how to schedule our lives what with having to be at the high school for 1 1/2 hours every weekday now, except Wednesday's where it is only 40 minutes. So. Hard.
Well, the whole figuring out the online school has been sort of hard, not as in it being online, but how they expect you to do everything. I would hate for my daughter to get in trouble because I didn't do something correctly in the order required. Noting that, I love love love having her in the online school. It seems easier for her (as well as me) and every school day is not filled with fighting and angst!

OK lets see what fun we can update about..

oh.. I got to have a surgery in August. I had a cardiac ablation surgery. It seems that what I thought was AFib was actually possibly Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardis (PSVT) . And I say possibly because they can not rule out the original diagnosis of AFib since it is possible to have both. So I went in and had the SVT ablation and am now (*fingers crossed*) better! (If you are interested there is a copy of a SVT surgery video online to watch)

I have been attempting to teach my crazy dog Annie to box with me. She is not taking well to this however there are times that she will "slap" me when we are playing now. She is pretty dorky.
Cocoa has learned to sit up and look pitiful to get treats. I did not teach him this as I am such a sucker I give in when he does it. Too. Cute.
The cats, Steve and Dozer, have learned nothing new. I really should work on making them do things to get stuff but Steve doesn't like treats and Dozer will just kill me if I do not give in.

Alrighty, that is enough update for today. I think I shall go have some lunch now before time to reorganize the teenager bedroom some more.

Jul 2, 2010

Book Review

I just finished a book by Michael Crichton (an author that I love love love) that I had not heard about before, "State Of Fear".
State of Fear is, like many of Crichton's works, a fictional work that uses science and speculation for the storyline. The debate over global warming serves as the backdrop for the book. Crichton supplies a personal afterword and two appendices that link the fictional part of the book with real examples of his thesis.
The main villains in the plot are environmentalists. Crichton does place blame on "industry" in both the plot line and the appendices. Various assertions appear in the book, for example:
The science behind global warming is so incomplete that no reasonable conclusions can be drawn on how to solve the "problem" (or if the "problem" even exists).
Elites in various fields use either real or artificial crises to maintain the existing social order, misusing the "science" behind global warming.
As a result of potential conflicts of interest, the scientists conducting research on topics related to global warming may subtly change their findings to bring them in line with their funding sources.
Crichton argues for removing politics from science and uses global warming and real-life historical examples in the appendices to make this argument. In a 2003 speech at the California Institute of Technology he expressed his concern about what he considered the "emerging crisis in the whole enterprise of science—namely the increasingly uneasy relationship between hard science and public policy."
This book really makes you think about things. Yes it is fiction, yes it is from Mr. Crichton's imagination however the questions that it brings up are relevant. I believe in asking questions, ask anyone I know. They will tell you. I feel that the only way to ever really learn is to question everything! Even if you think you know everything about something, more than likely you do not.

The beginning of this book states:

This is a work of fiction. Characters, corporations, institutions and organizations in this novel are the product of the author's imagination, or, if real, are used fictitiously without any intent to describe their actual conduct. However, references to real people, institutions, and organizations that are documented in footnotes are accurate. Footnotes are real.
It's the footnotes and their context in the story that really makes you start to wonder. I found myself actually investigating these footnotes and their findings regarding Global Warming.
The end of the book includes the usual "Author's Message" as well 2 appendix's and a bibliography. I found appendix I to be the most interesting. Here Mr. Crichton uses past examples of scientific theory with their dire warnings that in retrospect were full of nothing but hot air and political maneuvering.
Any one out there ever hear of "eugenics"? The term was not something that I had really ever thought about until reading this appendix. Eugenics is the study and practice of selective breeding applied to humans. Think "master race", "Hitler". However, did you know that the United States began this prior to Hitler and WWII? Interesting isn't it. The list of those supporting this effort before WWII is also very interesting.
A little quote from appendix I in the book:
Eugenics research was funded by the Carnegie Foundation, and later by the Rockefeller Foundation. The latter was so enthusiastic that even after the center of the eugenics effort moved to Germany, and involved the gassing of individuals from mental institutions, the Rockefeller Foundation continued to finance German researchers at a very high level. (The foundation was quiet about it, but they were still funding research in 1939, only months before the onset of World War II.)
Now the parallels between pushing eugenics to the public and pushing the global warming theory to the public are extraordinary. It makes one think and wonder.

Now don't get me wrong, I still plan to do my part to help the environment. I don't see how that is a bad thing to do, however I am leaning toward the group that thinks this may be a bunch of hype, unproven and based on possibilities.

Either way, I do recommend this book. It is intriguing and I always love books that make me think!

Jun 15, 2010


I guess it has been a while since I posted here.
Sorry about that! It has been a busy crazy time lately!

I decided to enroll my daughter in online school for her 10th grade classes next year. I didn't realize it would be quite a complicated as it has been! Much paperwork and many things to fill out, then re-fill out as I filled them out incorrectly the first go round!

I should be back up and running to speed here shortly! I am planning to talk a little more about the fun of online high school and getting your child in!

May 2, 2010

K7 Unified Messaging, free Fax and voicemail to email.

I have found a nifty free service that is great if you want a phone number to give out that doesn't compromise your personal number, or if like me you need to be able to get fax's and don't have a land line or fax machine.
K7 Unified Messaging, free Fax and voicemail to email.
It is quick and easy to set up, and FREE which I always love.
You do get a 206 number, which works perfect for me.
You can have your voicemail's and fax's sent directly to your email address without them being stored on K7's server, or you can opt to have a copy kept there as well.
You just have to remember to at least have a call every 30 days (even if you call yourself) or they will consider it inactive and possibly terminate the account. Really that's no big deal, and not much different than some of the free email services that require a log in every so often.

Apr 17, 2010

Building Tweeter Pods for the Mustang

So the boyfriend he loves his music. Loudly - with emphasis and definition and all that!
He used to be an installer, way back in "the day", way back before Car Toys was the big thing that it is. Way back when he was like employee 14 or some such thing.
So he decided that the mustang needed sound - serious sound. However, the Infinity Reference 6830CS components needed a place for the tweeter to go. He decided to put them in the sail area on the door but how to mount them? He looked high and low for something that looked like he wanted and finally came to the decision that he was just going to have to be creative and make them himself.

He started with the sails, and a piece of plastic battery cover from a doorbell.

He then used a hole saw in the same size as the tweeter mounts and cut his hole! (Brave! I wouldn't have been so brave as there was NO REPLACEMENT SAIL IF MESSED UP!!)

So far so good! A little sanding for bonding purposes and on to the next step... figuring out where exactly and at what angle exactly the tweeter mounts needed to be.

OK set! Now, to make them stay exactly in place and angle, he needed to fashion that plastic battery door cover to work just how he wanted.

Use a steak knife to make the initial cuts (dang good thing that isn't one of the good ones honey!)

Then for "precision" use the file! (Bonus action shot!)

Now to make everything behave and stay where it belongs all you need is hot glue!

Very nice, and creative and working well!

Next comes the shaping of the angles and use of bondo! Bondo seems like a fun thing, however I was not allowed to play with it. Seems that it gets hot and, well, bonds! and the worry was what exactly I was going to bond with what...

However the pods are looking mighty nice and coming along..

Nice angle and everything. All they need is sanding to knock down and smooth out the edges.

Ready for paint! Let me tell you how fun it is to try to match paint that is not new, that has been sun faded. Not fun at all no sir!

However, we did come up with this! (Like how I say we.. it makes me feel as if I played a part in this process)

Waiting for them to dry, he went and installed the other parts of the speaker in the doors while I took pictures! I love taking pictures!

OK! Install and test time!

Passenger side! Looks good - sounds GREAT!

Driver Side

They are perfect! Not all "In your face! Look I have tweeters!" like the ones we found prefabbed online.

They of course sound wonderful. Much fuller sound. Can not wait until "we" redo the subwoofers in the trunk and I bring you the fun and excitement of the building of the sub enclosures and install of the amps! He has big plans for the trunk!

Maybe I will try to get a decent camera before then however - I love my cell phone camera (enV Touch) but it just isn't giving me the picture quality I am looking for!

Apr 16, 2010

iPod, FourSqare and random entertainment!

Since I can not seem to find a decent app to blog to you all from my iPod, I am doing this directly from the Opera app.
It isn't all that easy but I had to do it just one time at least to say I had!

I also grabbed the FourSquare app and have been having quite a lot of fun with that around town. Thankfully Redmond is highly tech addicted with lots of free wireless public areas since I have yet to invest in any sort of mobile wifi for myself, however it is now on the list since I found those geocaching apps as well!

Apr 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Son

Happy Birthday David.

1992 (2 years)

2010 (20 years)

No matter how old you get, you will still always be my baby boy!

Apr 9, 2010

They're HERE! Unpackaging my Diamond Nexus earrings... in pictures!

I heard the UPS truck which made me scramble to the door like a mad woman... which in turn made the dogs/cats run for their little lives as they were sure I was going to attack them or something..
And LOOK! Right there on the street! Mr. UPS Man!!

Good thing he was looking down as I was sneakily taking his picture!
Sign my name, dogs howling and barking and me trying to get into the house and take this picture at the same time...

So, make it in the house and try to find an implement of destruction to open the tape and get to the goodies inside!
Main box open gives me a view of this...

Very nice packaging! LOVE the green bow!
Getting into that package I find this...

Smaller box with pretty blue bow and YUM Godiva chocolate! Now that is a nice surprise!
Debating which to open first was sort of interesting, however I went for the box with the blue bow...

Beautifully packaged in a nice jewelery box!
Up close with more shine!

They are so pretty! Of course between taking the last two pictures there I have opened my chocolate and am eating tiny bites which adds to the whole experience I promise!!

OK here they are in.. sorry I am not so good at those "Hey, it's a picture of me in the mirror" type pictures but you get the general idea!

I love the fact that these have a screw back. My other earrings do not, which is why I have a ton of single studs laying about!

Also, I think I have failed to mention in my other Diamond Nexus posts that they are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A rating. (It always makes me feel better about companies that are BBB memebers in good standing with good ratings!)

Waiting on my package from Diamond Nexus!!!

OK I am SO excited - stalking the UPS man kind of excited!

My Martini-Set Round Cut earrings from Diamond Nexus Labs are coming TOOODAAAAY!
Every time I hear what could be a large truck outside I run to the door to peek out!
I wonder if the UPS guy will let me take his picture when he delivers - it's not like he doesn't know me.
(Is it bad when the UPS guy knows your car and will turn around if he has missed you with a delivery when he sees you going back up the road? Nah, I didn't think so!)

So when they get here I will be posting ALL about them and tons of pictures! I know you just can't wait!!

Apr 7, 2010

Kindle Reader Book 1 finished!

Well I finished "The Dark Tide" by Andrew Gross.
It was a very good book actually! Not my usual read, however I found myself caught up in the action right off. I may have to check out some more of his books.
Reading on the iPod was different, and I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not at first. I am so used to a regular book and turning pages and balancing it strange to do everything as I am reading and "working". The iPod being smaller made it easier to hold onto and my fingers didn't ache from trying to hold open a book with one hand while doing other things. Another bonus was when I fell asleep at night while reading I didn't loose my page!

I will be finishing up the other book as well as finding more to read. I can't wait. Cheaper AND more convenient!

Apr 3, 2010

Kindle for PC, iPod/iPhone

A while back I mentioned that I was really excited for the Amazon Read Kindle on PC or "iStuffs".
Well now I am even more excited since I was so lovingly gifted with an iPod Touch! (thank you darling boyfriend)

I grabbed up that Kindle App right quick and added 2 free books to the iPod to try this puppy out!

My apps! They are so fun!
The books I grabbed up at this point:

Free books are the best! That is the best way to find new authors that you never knew you loved until now!

So far I LOVE my iPod. I can't wait to wander around this lovely Wi-Fi crazy town of mine and see how many places I can find to use it in all while jamming to my favorite tunes!

Mar 30, 2010

Fun Mail Day + more art from my tablet (arent you lucky!!)

Some days I love to get the mail (especially when it is not bill week!)
Today when I opened the mailbox there were 3 fun surprises in there, along with the regular stuff.
First was my super fun gift from Kikkoman who is having a Chinese New Year Celebration and giving away fun prizes such as a silicone basting brush, stainless steel tongs, cookbooks, and this nifty ceramic spoon rest!

Also in the mailbox was a sample of Beneful's new Incredibites. I really love samples of things for my dogs. They are a bit picky sometimes and I hate buying them something new and finding out that they really don't like it so suddenly I have a not always small or cheap container of something be it treats or food or what have you that they will not eat. Not fun for my wallet for sure. However it seems that this new food is like doggy crack! Seriously!

Cocoa was first on the scene and actually finished up the bowl all by himself so I had to give a refill. (Please note, the "bowl" was not really that much the first go round as I wasn't sure if it would get the "sniff sniff ; nose in the air, walk away" treatment.) So I actually filled the bowl for round two and next came Annie.

She dove right in munching away. In fact, she stood in front of the bowl blocking which is very unusual for her. They usually take a mouthful then move to another part of the room to drop it and slowly nibble the kibble. (I'm a poet y'all!)

And in a surprising move.. there was another critter waiting in line for his turn ...

Here we have Dozer, the very large sometimes evil Siamese cat of doom. He thought it was pretty good stuff as well. I kept having to chase him off in fact since he outweighs the dogs and I am sometimes afraid that he will get tired of them and eat them for a snack!

The third mailbox item was a new magazine that I haven't gotten before. Spin Magazine in fact. Now I don't recall why I am getting this to add to my several lot and tons of magazines but YAY because it is a fun one!

Also, while looking up that last link for Spin, I just won myself 11 Swagbucks

What? I haven't mentioned Swagbucks before? Oh my goodness I have been remiss!! is the web's premier rewards site. Powered by Prodege LLC, allows web users to earn virtual currency by doing the things they do every day - search the web, shopping at their favorite retailers, and by engaging in other activities such as phone recycling, submitting polls, and completing special offers. is the only place on the web to get what you want without ever having to spend a dime.

and yes, those links ARE referral links *wink* click them anyhow!!

And, before I go - one more bit of artwork that I did last night! I am getting the hang of this tablet business I think!

Mar 29, 2010

Wacom Bamboo Tablet

Yesterday (holy cow was it only yesterday?!) I said I had wanted to get a tablet.
Well today I got a tablet! However, it was a step up from the one that I linked yesterday as it is the Pen and Touch version and I am having fun with it!
Since I love to take pictures I did the whole unboxing series:

Oh look! My new tablet! "A Touch Of Inspiration"

Inside the box on a nice black cover it told me that. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling reading it. :)

Under the black cover with the note I found nicely packaged items. Nicely packaged items I couldn't wait to tear into.
Under the tablet was a little box with the install cd's and booklet. Nice packaging job, also nice was that it was all recyclable.items! No big chunks of plastic here, nice cardboard stuff that I can easily dance across and toss in the recycle bin!

Install was a breeze and the tutorial was very helpful however the lady's voice rather annoyed me. I did pretty good, until it came to using 2 fingers on the touch part. Seems I can't manage to put 2 fingers down spaced slightly apart at the same time. I will practice on that one..

Now, the pièce de résistance, my first awesome bit of artwork! Don't laugh at me, I have sensitive feelings! HA!

This is supposed to be our dog Cocoa - however it really isn't. I played around with some of the textures and things in Paintshop just because, which explains the beeeutiful grass and bubble cloud and orange peel sunshine.

Drawing with it is going to take some getting used to. It isn't quite the same as taking a pen or pencil and drawing on a piece of paper. There is not only getting used to drawing in one space while watching another (yay hand eye coordination - thank you Atari for teaching me that young!) but there is also pressure to take into consideration and a bit of a hesitation when I go to draw which can make my lines glitchy. That could also be on the Paintshop side of it as well. I am not sure since that is the only program I have used to draw in so far. 

Bamboo comes with Adobe Photoshop, but I haven't explored that yet. I probably will after making dinner - speaking of which.. must run since I am sure I am burning the poor pork!!

Mar 28, 2010

Bamboo Pen

So I have decided that I really REALLY want to have a tablet. I like to draw and so what if my drawings are silly I love them! I am considering the Bamboo Pen from Wacom. They seem to have decent products for not a ton of cash and since it will be my fun new toy I can't see spending hundreds of dollars.

I have totally added it to my birthday wish list, so now I am just crossing my fingers!! (3 more shopping months by the way! HA)

New Look for the Blog & Babies - The Movie

I changed the settings around. Like this look much better than the other one. It seems less harsh on the ol' peepers! By the way I have a heck of a time thinking up titles for these things.. now you know!

There is a new movie coming out Mother's Day weekend that I would really like to see.
It's called Babies, and it follows the life of 4 babies from just born to first steps.
The babies are from Mongolia, Namibia, Tokyo and San Francisco.
I think seeing the differences in how the cultures raise the babies will be really interesting.
Follow this link for the USA Today's article on the movie!

I think it should be a very interesting and fun movie. And I love that the release date is Mother's Day!!

Mar 26, 2010

More about Ford and the Mustang

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Scott Monty, the head of social media for Ford Motor Company for contacting me today after I directed a tweet @Ford about the customer service issues we are having and sent them a link to the blog post.
Scott took the time to discuss with me in email the issues as well as ideas and explanations for the VIN problems and hopefully get some things straightened out so that other customers will not have these issues in the future.
He took the time to actually understand what was going on and what happened originally.
There are quite a few companies out there that could learn from this. (I am looking at YOU Best Buy - but that is another story for another day!)
and now this leads me to the opportunity to post the picture of the Mustang !!
(gee I love excuses don't you?!)

I really am going to have to get another picture of her. 
This one where she is waving isn't the best..

Before and After

We made the doggies appointments (finally!) for haircuts and baths at PetSmart!
Before taking them to PetSmart I had been taking them to another salon which cost quite a bit more and usually when I picked them up, there were things that were not done right.

For some reason I was afraid to take them to PetSmart for grooming. I think somewhere I had heard stories of the grooming there not being good, that the groomers weren't well trained, that "things happened" to so-and-so's dog.. But then when I used my brain and thought about it, bad things happening to dogs being groomed there would not be easy to do since most of the time they are in that room with ALL those windows! Yes, there is the back area, with the kennels and the bathing area, but most of the action is in a basic fishbowl setting.

Now when we dropped the babies off, Raziel (our groomer for the day) took Annie back first, after going over the cuts we wanted and all the usual things pre-grooming. As she was trying to get Annie in the kennel it seems my crazy squirmy don't want to go in there darling girl, who is also a drama queen, got her nail stuck in one of the mesh holes in the bottom of said kennel. And boy oh boy did she start screaming. A dog screaming is an amazing sound let me tell you. And I know Annie's scream, I have heard it several times - sometimes even just trying to brush her hair! So I can picture this - Annie screaming, twisting and pulling with her toe/nail stuck in this little hole. Pulling harder trying to get herself loose which is making it hurt more, which is making her pull and scream more. And the whole while Raziel trying to figure out how to hang onto the crazy dog and get her loose and trying to get someone to help her get the quickly going insane dog unhooked but being the only person in the back room. Now this didn't last that long. It didn't last long enough for me to make the decision to actually go back into that room myself. So Raziel comes back out to get Cocoa and let me know what was going on with Annie and the screamfest. I told her that I wanted to check on Annie and Raziel let me know that they couldn't let me back into the room but she could get Annie out of the kennel, bring her back to the front so I could check her, then put her back. I thought that would be a lot of extra stress on Annie that was unneeded which I pointed out to her. She checked with her manager and they let me go back and check on her. She was fine, I figured she would be but I had to know! I messed with her feet and she was not limping or pulling away from pressure so I was ok with it.

So off Cocoa goes, I think he was more stressed than usual after hearing Annie scream - I like to believe I have super smart dogs that know everything and we are going to go with that! He knew they took her to that room and she started screaming and now they came for him to take him to the same room. He was shaking like a little leaf!

Ok Long Story huh.. a little TL;DR I am sure.
The point being, they did an awesome job with them (as usual) for a not crazy huge price (very nice!) and Raziel was so very apologetic when I came back to get them and I honestly felt she was, it wasn't just spouting words.
Now for before and after - Hairy Mutts to Svelte Posh Doggies.

I tried to get them to pose the same for the after picture but they are just so pig headed!

I also wanted to add that through May 23rd, PetSmart is offering their Nail Grinding for $5 when you get a groom or bath. It's usually priced at $11 and if you have never had your dog (or cat's) nails done this way instead of the usual clipping, now is a great time to try it! It makes them so nice! No more sharp edges that slice into you when your darling Fido or FeeFee jumps up on you. And PetSmart's policy on the grinding is that if they can not get all the nails done there is no charge. I don't plan to ever go back to clipping.. the grinding is just too good!

The Continuing Saga of The Mustang, Fog Lights and Ford's terrible customer service in online ordering!

So I did receive a reply from Ford Corporate on the same day:
Thank you for contacting the Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center regarding the fog light kit for your 1999 Ford Mustang.
Ford Motor Company is concerned with the satisfaction of all Ford and Lincoln-Mercury owners. We regret the circumstances that have prompted you to contact us. However, to help us ensure that your concerns are properly addressed, we recommend that you reply to us with the following additional information to allow us to proceed. 
Zip Code: 
Cellular Phone Number: 
Daytime Phone Number: 
Home Phone Number: 
Vehicle Identification Number: 
If you would prefer to provide this information over the phone, you may call us toll free at 1-800-392-3673 between the hours of 8am and 5pm, local time, Monday through Friday. Hearing impaired callers with access to a TDD may contact us by calling 1-800-232-5952.
Customer Relationship Center 
Ford Motor Company

To which I replied with our address, phone number and "I see no reason to supply the VIN number on the car as it has nothing to do with the issue at hand."
I feel that there really isn't a reason to supply them with the VIN on the Mustang seeing as how it wasn't something they needed when we ordered the part and it really has nothing to do with the problem we are having.

I received another reply yesterday:
The information requested enables us to investigate the possible options that will directly address your request. In addition, this enables us to efficiently process your inquiry and update our records. Please provide the following information to allow us to proceed.
Vehicle Identification Number:
If you would prefer to provide this information over the phone, you may call us toll free at 1-800-392-3673 between the hours of 8am and 5pm, local time, Monday through Friday. Hearing impaired callers with access to a TDD may contact us by calling 1-800-232-5952.
Customer Relationship Center 
Ford Motor Company

Now I am a little irked by this. What I am getting is that if I don't give them my VIN number then they aren't going to do anything about this situation.
I am still debating my reply to them on this subject.
I guess at this point however it really does not matter since we cancelled the order, however we are still waiting for the refund to show up in the account. I love how when you order something they get their money right away, however with a refund they can take their own sweet time. In Ford's case we were told that it could take up to 10 business days to show up.

I still may reply to Ford. Just to let them know I cancelled the order and that I really think their customer service needs some work. I should not have to give them my VIN number to get some sort of help from them. Honestly... Customer Service seems to be a thing of the past these days. Companies really need to rethink who keeps them in business. *shrugs* Guess we let them do it so we all only have ourselves to blame.

Mar 25, 2010

Hellmann's Real Food Project

Bobby Flay and Lori Loughlin have teamed up with Hellmann's® and Best Foods® Mayonnaise to unveil the Real Food Project on, a comprehensive online resource offering tips and ideas on how to create real meals made with Real Food.

I love that there are how-to videos on the site! Being a failure in the kitchen makes creating new things difficult for me unless someone is showing me how! Bobby Flay shows how to make some great eats on here and it's not super fancy food that you wouldn't have the ingredients for, it's simple delicious things that the whole family can enjoy.
Today I watched the Ham Salad on Biscuits and can't wait to try them! I have made all sorts of ___ salad but never considered using ham for whatever reason.

Along with the how-to videos and great recipes on the site, there are also coupons and chances to win kitchen essentials, the Bobby FLay Grill It and other items by playing the "Wheel of Real" instant win game. Sign up and you get 3 opportunities to spin the wheel a day! 

"Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win a Hellmann's® prize package in exchange for this post.  No monetary exchange took place."

Mar 24, 2010

The Saga of The Mustang, Fog Lights and Ford's terrible customer service in online ordering!

We contacted Titus-Will Ford after finding the OEM fog light kit on their website that the boyfriend wanted to add to the mustang. The guy in the internet department told us there wasn't any difference ordering online versus over the phone with him so we went ahead and just did the order online.
This was March 3, 2010. The bank card was charged the full amount this day. $205.38.
About a week later with no email or anything coming in regards to the order the boyfriend contacted the internet department again to see what was up. He was told that they were trying to "locate the part" and would ship it asap when they did.
Fast forward a couple more phone calls with being told they would call us back and never doing so and then calls back to them and more of the run around.
Now it is March 24th. Ford has had our money for 21 days. We call this morning to be rudely told "We don't open until 8am!" and hung up on. Wow. Nice. So I of course shoot off an email to Ford Corporate that says:
We contacted Titus Will Ford here in Washington State in regards to ordering an OEM fog light kit for our 1999 Mustang. They told us that there wasn't really a difference ordering online versus over the phone, so we placed our order. This was March 3 2010. Our card was charged the full amount that day. It is now March 24th and still no part and no help with numerous phone calls either. We were supposed to be called back several times with no call at all, which had us calling back yet again. When we do FINALLY get in contact with someone we are being told they are "trying to locate" the part to ship to us. This morning on another attempt to contact the internet department we were hung up on after being rudely told "We don't open until 8am!" I feel that the ball has been seriously dropped on this customer service issue and would really like this handled as soon as possible. I also believe that some sort of compensation is due us for the hassle that this has become.
And that is all I can say since their webform limits how many words I can put in the field.
Meanwhile, the boyfriend tries to call again and after a couple of the messages that everyone is busy try back later, he gets a hold of someone who informs him that the fog light kit "still hasn't cleared for shipping". Wow, seriously??
He tells them to just cancel the order and give him back his money, today. We shall see. And I am not sending another letter to Ford about the cancellation. I can't wait to see if they bother to get back to me or if I am just blown off.
I'll keep you informed....

Mar 21, 2010

iPod Touch

We now have a pretty shiny iPod Touch.
We being the boyfriend of course - me being the one that will show him how to use it.

The best part of the whole thing...
Slapping an Apple sticker on my laptop and demanding it now be called my MacBook!

Mar 19, 2010

Focus Group for Gardeners! More about Chrome.. Diamond Nexus now with more links!!

If anyone is interested I received this in my email box the other day. If I was a gardener that grew from seeds I would be all over it, however I am pretty sure they aren't interested in someone with a black thumb!

Dynamic Research is currently seeking participants for the following study.
1. Individuals 25 to 59 years of age who planted a vegetable or flower garden in 2009 via seed and will be planting a vegetable or flower garden in 2010 via seed. The study will take place the week of April 12, 2010 and last approximately 3 hours. You will be paid a $250.00 honorarium for your time.
If you or someone you know is interested in participating in any of these studies contact Dynamic Research at:

And now on to my further adventures with Google Chrome!
It is rendering some of the things I do (mostly Kindom Of Loathing) in blotchy segments. I don't know how else to explain it! However, I am seeing this mostly on sites that use tables. And scrolling in these tables is very entertaining. It brings up the left side slower than the right side (if you were to divide the table in half when it really isn't you understand) so that sometimes the words that end up lining up for a half a second are entirely LOL worthy!!
I did find a nice little extension for twitter, Chromed Bird for anyone interested. It is nice and organized and I actually like it much better than the Echofon I was using with Firefox.

I did want to also point out that Diamond Nexus Labs also have Facebook, Twitter and a blog! I have been having a great time reading their wall over at Facebook! Lots of fun information as well as fan photo's of some really cute rings!!
My daughter has fallen in "Love Love Loooove" with their Princess Cut Stud Earrings with Glacial Ice guess I should start saving up for someone's 15th birthday huh!?

Mar 18, 2010

OK I am now trying out Google's Chrome and I am not sure how much I love it yet.
It is different than Firefox, which I have been using for years now... however for whatever reason I have had nothing but issues with the Fox (version 3.6) on the new laptop. It could however not be Firefox's issue, it may possibly be a Windows 7 issue - not that I would ever think Windows/Microsoft would have issues!! (oh god, that made me laugh so hard I almost had coffee out the nose!!)

I am a PC and I had NOTHING to do with this Windows 7 stuff! However, I wish I would have!! Lots and tons of things would be different.

Which also reminds me that for whatever reason, my LG Touch will not work on my new Windows 7 computer. When I plug the USB in I receive a notice that states basically - "Hey! We have no firmwear updates for this so No Way Jose - no connecting the two for you lady!" or something like that... I need to go work on this for a while!

Free Kindle For PC

This excites me!

I LOVE to read, and I do not mind reading on my laptop, so this is perfect!
Kindle books are usually a much lower price than other books, especially on new releases!
Off to Amazon I go!