Mar 18, 2010

OK I am now trying out Google's Chrome and I am not sure how much I love it yet.
It is different than Firefox, which I have been using for years now... however for whatever reason I have had nothing but issues with the Fox (version 3.6) on the new laptop. It could however not be Firefox's issue, it may possibly be a Windows 7 issue - not that I would ever think Windows/Microsoft would have issues!! (oh god, that made me laugh so hard I almost had coffee out the nose!!)

I am a PC and I had NOTHING to do with this Windows 7 stuff! However, I wish I would have!! Lots and tons of things would be different.

Which also reminds me that for whatever reason, my LG Touch will not work on my new Windows 7 computer. When I plug the USB in I receive a notice that states basically - "Hey! We have no firmwear updates for this so No Way Jose - no connecting the two for you lady!" or something like that... I need to go work on this for a while!

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