Mar 29, 2010

Wacom Bamboo Tablet

Yesterday (holy cow was it only yesterday?!) I said I had wanted to get a tablet.
Well today I got a tablet! However, it was a step up from the one that I linked yesterday as it is the Pen and Touch version and I am having fun with it!
Since I love to take pictures I did the whole unboxing series:

Oh look! My new tablet! "A Touch Of Inspiration"

Inside the box on a nice black cover it told me that. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling reading it. :)

Under the black cover with the note I found nicely packaged items. Nicely packaged items I couldn't wait to tear into.
Under the tablet was a little box with the install cd's and booklet. Nice packaging job, also nice was that it was all recyclable.items! No big chunks of plastic here, nice cardboard stuff that I can easily dance across and toss in the recycle bin!

Install was a breeze and the tutorial was very helpful however the lady's voice rather annoyed me. I did pretty good, until it came to using 2 fingers on the touch part. Seems I can't manage to put 2 fingers down spaced slightly apart at the same time. I will practice on that one..

Now, the pièce de résistance, my first awesome bit of artwork! Don't laugh at me, I have sensitive feelings! HA!

This is supposed to be our dog Cocoa - however it really isn't. I played around with some of the textures and things in Paintshop just because, which explains the beeeutiful grass and bubble cloud and orange peel sunshine.

Drawing with it is going to take some getting used to. It isn't quite the same as taking a pen or pencil and drawing on a piece of paper. There is not only getting used to drawing in one space while watching another (yay hand eye coordination - thank you Atari for teaching me that young!) but there is also pressure to take into consideration and a bit of a hesitation when I go to draw which can make my lines glitchy. That could also be on the Paintshop side of it as well. I am not sure since that is the only program I have used to draw in so far. 

Bamboo comes with Adobe Photoshop, but I haven't explored that yet. I probably will after making dinner - speaking of which.. must run since I am sure I am burning the poor pork!!

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