Mar 10, 2010

March 8th we went to our local Best Buy to look at some stereo equipment for the Mustang. We stood in the car audio department for about 10 minutes with no one around to help. There was another lady there looking for help as well. I finally spotted one of the blue shirted workers and asked him if anyone worked in the department (after debating trying to figure out how to use the phone system, how to use the dumb 2-way radios they always wear since there was one laying over by the cash register as well as debating if I started playing with the cash register if anyone would pay attention). He called someone who came over and we told him that the lady had been there first so he attempted to help her, which he couldn't do and ended up "going to find someone".

After he wandered off we finally just gave up and walked out. I was tweeting about the bad experience and did get 2 tweets back from employee type people of Best Buy asking if they could help, to which I replied; "@coral_bestbuy @applexpert50 the best buy thing could only have been helped with someone being in the car audio dept to help me" and then after looking at their profiles I followed up with; "@Coral_BestBuy since you are corporate, you may want to let your Bellevue WA store know they have lost 2 customers. cant ever get help there" and of course have heard NOTHING else.

That's fine Best Buy - the guys over at Bellevue Car Toys were more than happy to help out and let us spend the money there instead! Thanks Duane, Drew and David. You guys are great!

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