Mar 26, 2010

Before and After

We made the doggies appointments (finally!) for haircuts and baths at PetSmart!
Before taking them to PetSmart I had been taking them to another salon which cost quite a bit more and usually when I picked them up, there were things that were not done right.

For some reason I was afraid to take them to PetSmart for grooming. I think somewhere I had heard stories of the grooming there not being good, that the groomers weren't well trained, that "things happened" to so-and-so's dog.. But then when I used my brain and thought about it, bad things happening to dogs being groomed there would not be easy to do since most of the time they are in that room with ALL those windows! Yes, there is the back area, with the kennels and the bathing area, but most of the action is in a basic fishbowl setting.

Now when we dropped the babies off, Raziel (our groomer for the day) took Annie back first, after going over the cuts we wanted and all the usual things pre-grooming. As she was trying to get Annie in the kennel it seems my crazy squirmy don't want to go in there darling girl, who is also a drama queen, got her nail stuck in one of the mesh holes in the bottom of said kennel. And boy oh boy did she start screaming. A dog screaming is an amazing sound let me tell you. And I know Annie's scream, I have heard it several times - sometimes even just trying to brush her hair! So I can picture this - Annie screaming, twisting and pulling with her toe/nail stuck in this little hole. Pulling harder trying to get herself loose which is making it hurt more, which is making her pull and scream more. And the whole while Raziel trying to figure out how to hang onto the crazy dog and get her loose and trying to get someone to help her get the quickly going insane dog unhooked but being the only person in the back room. Now this didn't last that long. It didn't last long enough for me to make the decision to actually go back into that room myself. So Raziel comes back out to get Cocoa and let me know what was going on with Annie and the screamfest. I told her that I wanted to check on Annie and Raziel let me know that they couldn't let me back into the room but she could get Annie out of the kennel, bring her back to the front so I could check her, then put her back. I thought that would be a lot of extra stress on Annie that was unneeded which I pointed out to her. She checked with her manager and they let me go back and check on her. She was fine, I figured she would be but I had to know! I messed with her feet and she was not limping or pulling away from pressure so I was ok with it.

So off Cocoa goes, I think he was more stressed than usual after hearing Annie scream - I like to believe I have super smart dogs that know everything and we are going to go with that! He knew they took her to that room and she started screaming and now they came for him to take him to the same room. He was shaking like a little leaf!

Ok Long Story huh.. a little TL;DR I am sure.
The point being, they did an awesome job with them (as usual) for a not crazy huge price (very nice!) and Raziel was so very apologetic when I came back to get them and I honestly felt she was, it wasn't just spouting words.
Now for before and after - Hairy Mutts to Svelte Posh Doggies.

I tried to get them to pose the same for the after picture but they are just so pig headed!

I also wanted to add that through May 23rd, PetSmart is offering their Nail Grinding for $5 when you get a groom or bath. It's usually priced at $11 and if you have never had your dog (or cat's) nails done this way instead of the usual clipping, now is a great time to try it! It makes them so nice! No more sharp edges that slice into you when your darling Fido or FeeFee jumps up on you. And PetSmart's policy on the grinding is that if they can not get all the nails done there is no charge. I don't plan to ever go back to clipping.. the grinding is just too good!

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