Mar 26, 2010

More about Ford and the Mustang

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Scott Monty, the head of social media for Ford Motor Company for contacting me today after I directed a tweet @Ford about the customer service issues we are having and sent them a link to the blog post.
Scott took the time to discuss with me in email the issues as well as ideas and explanations for the VIN problems and hopefully get some things straightened out so that other customers will not have these issues in the future.
He took the time to actually understand what was going on and what happened originally.
There are quite a few companies out there that could learn from this. (I am looking at YOU Best Buy - but that is another story for another day!)
and now this leads me to the opportunity to post the picture of the Mustang !!
(gee I love excuses don't you?!)

I really am going to have to get another picture of her. 
This one where she is waving isn't the best..

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