Mar 24, 2010

The Saga of The Mustang, Fog Lights and Ford's terrible customer service in online ordering!

We contacted Titus-Will Ford after finding the OEM fog light kit on their website that the boyfriend wanted to add to the mustang. The guy in the internet department told us there wasn't any difference ordering online versus over the phone with him so we went ahead and just did the order online.
This was March 3, 2010. The bank card was charged the full amount this day. $205.38.
About a week later with no email or anything coming in regards to the order the boyfriend contacted the internet department again to see what was up. He was told that they were trying to "locate the part" and would ship it asap when they did.
Fast forward a couple more phone calls with being told they would call us back and never doing so and then calls back to them and more of the run around.
Now it is March 24th. Ford has had our money for 21 days. We call this morning to be rudely told "We don't open until 8am!" and hung up on. Wow. Nice. So I of course shoot off an email to Ford Corporate that says:
We contacted Titus Will Ford here in Washington State in regards to ordering an OEM fog light kit for our 1999 Mustang. They told us that there wasn't really a difference ordering online versus over the phone, so we placed our order. This was March 3 2010. Our card was charged the full amount that day. It is now March 24th and still no part and no help with numerous phone calls either. We were supposed to be called back several times with no call at all, which had us calling back yet again. When we do FINALLY get in contact with someone we are being told they are "trying to locate" the part to ship to us. This morning on another attempt to contact the internet department we were hung up on after being rudely told "We don't open until 8am!" I feel that the ball has been seriously dropped on this customer service issue and would really like this handled as soon as possible. I also believe that some sort of compensation is due us for the hassle that this has become.
And that is all I can say since their webform limits how many words I can put in the field.
Meanwhile, the boyfriend tries to call again and after a couple of the messages that everyone is busy try back later, he gets a hold of someone who informs him that the fog light kit "still hasn't cleared for shipping". Wow, seriously??
He tells them to just cancel the order and give him back his money, today. We shall see. And I am not sending another letter to Ford about the cancellation. I can't wait to see if they bother to get back to me or if I am just blown off.
I'll keep you informed....


  1. Was your issue ever resolved? Customer service seems important to Ford and it's car dealers...I can't believe it would not be dealt with? I know it's been months, but hopefully things were resolved.

  2. Ed, If you look at More about Ford and the Mustang from March 26th ( it shows that one of the heads of their social media, Scott Monty, did contact me regarding the issue. Sadly, we have not gotten the fog lights for the stang but we did get our money back (yay!)