Apr 9, 2010

They're HERE! Unpackaging my Diamond Nexus earrings... in pictures!

I heard the UPS truck which made me scramble to the door like a mad woman... which in turn made the dogs/cats run for their little lives as they were sure I was going to attack them or something..
And LOOK! Right there on the street! Mr. UPS Man!!

Good thing he was looking down as I was sneakily taking his picture!
Sign my name, dogs howling and barking and me trying to get into the house and take this picture at the same time...

So, make it in the house and try to find an implement of destruction to open the tape and get to the goodies inside!
Main box open gives me a view of this...

Very nice packaging! LOVE the green bow!
Getting into that package I find this...

Smaller box with pretty blue bow and YUM Godiva chocolate! Now that is a nice surprise!
Debating which to open first was sort of interesting, however I went for the box with the blue bow...

Beautifully packaged in a nice jewelery box!
Up close with more shine!

They are so pretty! Of course between taking the last two pictures there I have opened my chocolate and am eating tiny bites which adds to the whole experience I promise!!

OK here they are in.. sorry I am not so good at those "Hey, it's a picture of me in the mirror" type pictures but you get the general idea!

I love the fact that these have a screw back. My other earrings do not, which is why I have a ton of single studs laying about!

Also, I think I have failed to mention in my other Diamond Nexus posts that they are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A rating. (It always makes me feel better about companies that are BBB memebers in good standing with good ratings!)

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  1. They look beautiful on you! And Godiva Chocolate is never a bad thing!