Apr 17, 2010

Building Tweeter Pods for the Mustang

So the boyfriend he loves his music. Loudly - with emphasis and definition and all that!
He used to be an installer, way back in "the day", way back before Car Toys was the big thing that it is. Way back when he was like employee 14 or some such thing.
So he decided that the mustang needed sound - serious sound. However, the Infinity Reference 6830CS components needed a place for the tweeter to go. He decided to put them in the sail area on the door but how to mount them? He looked high and low for something that looked like he wanted and finally came to the decision that he was just going to have to be creative and make them himself.

He started with the sails, and a piece of plastic battery cover from a doorbell.

He then used a hole saw in the same size as the tweeter mounts and cut his hole! (Brave! I wouldn't have been so brave as there was NO REPLACEMENT SAIL IF MESSED UP!!)

So far so good! A little sanding for bonding purposes and on to the next step... figuring out where exactly and at what angle exactly the tweeter mounts needed to be.

OK set! Now, to make them stay exactly in place and angle, he needed to fashion that plastic battery door cover to work just how he wanted.

Use a steak knife to make the initial cuts (dang good thing that isn't one of the good ones honey!)

Then for "precision" use the file! (Bonus action shot!)

Now to make everything behave and stay where it belongs all you need is hot glue!

Very nice, and creative and working well!

Next comes the shaping of the angles and use of bondo! Bondo seems like a fun thing, however I was not allowed to play with it. Seems that it gets hot and, well, bonds! and the worry was what exactly I was going to bond with what...

However the pods are looking mighty nice and coming along..

Nice angle and everything. All they need is sanding to knock down and smooth out the edges.

Ready for paint! Let me tell you how fun it is to try to match paint that is not new, that has been sun faded. Not fun at all no sir!

However, we did come up with this! (Like how I say we.. it makes me feel as if I played a part in this process)

Waiting for them to dry, he went and installed the other parts of the speaker in the doors while I took pictures! I love taking pictures!

OK! Install and test time!

Passenger side! Looks good - sounds GREAT!

Driver Side

They are perfect! Not all "In your face! Look I have tweeters!" like the ones we found prefabbed online.

They of course sound wonderful. Much fuller sound. Can not wait until "we" redo the subwoofers in the trunk and I bring you the fun and excitement of the building of the sub enclosures and install of the amps! He has big plans for the trunk!

Maybe I will try to get a decent camera before then however - I love my cell phone camera (enV Touch) but it just isn't giving me the picture quality I am looking for!

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