Apr 2, 2009

Mama's Making Dinner!

Mama said it was time to go ahead and get this blog started and since Cocoa the lazy butt is upstairs taking a nap with Dad, I thought I, Annie Bananie, would go ahead.

Mom is making us our dinner for the week right now. It's one of my favorites! Puppy Hamburger Helper!

First Mom fries up the hamburger meat, makes the oatmeal, boils the eggs (and chops them up) and boils the veggies. This week is corn and peas.
Then she piles everything up on the stove and take a picture of it for some reason!


I guess it was so you guys could see it all!

Then she adds the pound-ish of hamburger and 2 hard boiled eggs to a big bowl,


and then puts in 2 tablespoons of yummy cottage cheese,


then she tosses the half a cup of cooked regular oatmeal on top of that.


While that sits all happy and yummy in the bowl, she takes the veggies - half cup each (or so that there is a whole cup of veggies in there). and puts them in the blender to make them all mashed up so we can get all the nutrition out of them since we don't chew up our food so well. This time it was corn and peas. I like those better than the green beans actually.


Visualize Whirled Peas... HAHA! I don't have to and neither do you because we took a picture!!


OK back to the dinner! SO - then you take those yummy veggies and toss them in with everything else in that big bowl.


Then you mix it all up really really good and put it into smaller containers to refrigerate.


It will last in the fridge for 3 days so if Mom makes too much she just puts it in small single serve containers (well, double serve because there is two of us that want it for dinner!) and she just freezes it until we need it.
We eat about 3/4 cup of it at a time though. We are quite the hungry puppets because we use so much energy playing all day!

Mom says if I am real good we can make some cookies tomorrow and we will share that will you guys too!

They are SUPER YUMMY Puppy Peanut Butter Poppers!!!

OK I am going to go play ball now and wait for dinner! only 50 more minutes!


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