Jun 19, 2009

My phone is the coolest phone in the WHOLE WORLD! And the Super Awesome Boyfriend gets a gajillion brownie points for getting it for me..
Latest thing I learned it does is...
so sweet!


Click and make bigger dangit!

Well we went out to dinner the other day at the Woodinville Cafe.. it was CRAP!
Don't bother!
$40 for crappy food that was COLD!
really? seriously?! wtf?!?
And when I told the superslow waitress who only managed to move fast when it was time to bring the bill to the table 2 MINUTES after giving us our plates we waited forever for, she could have cared less..
Maybe I will just give them a call and vent a little..
I knew it was going to be bad when Super Awesome Boyfriend got his salad and it was SWIMMING on the plate in water...

So, Kiddo's fried eggs were cold rubber, Super Awesome Boyfriend's potato's and gravy were nasty cold and it took forever to get our order taken and brought to us in the first place!
Waitress girl had the nerve to ask if we wanted any change back with our bill... uh yeah - you earned NOTHING but my CONTEMPT you dingbat!
I have issues with crap waiters/waitresses.. I used to do it, I know the rules.. I know HOW to EARN the tip - obviously these days more lessons are needed..

and now..
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