Jun 12, 2009

I have been lame not updating but YAY update!

First off Restaurant.com is having an 80% off sale again, just enter the code PRESENT when you are checking out. A good deal - $25 gift certificates for only $2!

And I have been asked about the whole surveys, free things, and focus group things I have been doing.
I found a link online one day doing a search for something (I can't even remember what I was searching for now) that got this whole thing I do started. It is Real Women Real Money Work From Home. Jen (the lady that does the blog) posts every day except Sunday. Each day is it's own theme - Monday is Money Saving, Tuesday is Two-Fer, Wednesday is Wonderful Wednesday, Thursday is Thrifty Three-Fer, Friday is Focus Group and Saturday is Reader's Choice where you get to possibly win prizes too!
Go check it out and do some signing up! Jen only posts groups that she ACTUALLY makes money from, not just any old group at random!

Now on to the personal stuff with pictures!
At some point this week I am going to post a link to my daughter in her school play. Just because she said I can't put it on YouTube... she never said I couldn't put it elsewhere now did she! HA!

Today I want to share my birthday flowers.. birthday as in quite a few years back but *gasp* THEY STILL LIVE! Which is only because Super Awesome Boyfriend takes care of them. If I were to touch them they would sadly die as I have a terrible Black Thumb whereas his are both GREEN to match the rest of his fingers.. He can make anything grow and thrive!

They are Asiatic Lillies. Pretty aren't they!?
I love their color and this year they have bloomed out like mad!

Today we watched Super Awesome Boyfriend Play with his RC Crawler some more..
I giggle when he flips but that doesn't happen too much anymore dang it!

Also - pictures and video from Memorial Day Camping are up if you wanted to be snoopy and see them!
Pictures are here and video's can be found here
Well that's it for now! Will post more interesting pictures and gossip and other stuff later - including that link to Aesop's Fables starring my munchkin!

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