Jun 26, 2009

Restaurant.com again.. this time it is 70% off with an added $10 certificate for orders! Just use "RECIPE" in the code!!

Lots of fun at Weekly Scavenger if you like scavenger hunts! They are a new company and they offer $$$ rewards for playing online scavenger hunts. Check it out! A bunch of great guys/gals!(sorry not sure of their specific sexes, just that I have a blast helping them out, playing the games and testing possible new things!)

And I said I would share my daughter Izzy's last play from school so HERE!

She is Miss Tortoise by the way and this was her first year, first semester in Drama and she was a wreck before we left for the school. I think she did an awesome job - her voice was strong and she didn't act like she was too nervous at all!

OK on another subject just because I want to stop walk around the house grumbling about it so I will just get it off my chest here...
Yes, Michael Jackson died - but so did Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett, both of which were ALSO iconic figures in their way. Farrah WAS Charlie's Angels - yeah there were 2 more but everyone remembers her! I'm sure people could name Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, Cheryl Ladd, Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts but when you think Charlie's Angels you think Farrah - admit it!

And Ed McMahon - COME ON! "Here's Johnny!", Star Search, American Family Publishers, MDA Telethon, acting, announer, all around guy!

Yet all I see on TV is Michael.. really? honestly? COME ON! Yes, the King of Pop, Wacko Jacko but honestly.. we really do not need to dedicate SO much air time to him. Yes when I was in Junior High is when "Thriller" came out and yes, like most of my friends I was totally into Michael and yes, his career spanned MUCH longer than that but we do not need to dedicate every show possible to him. I can see a special or two (for ALL of them) but every damn national news show does not need to spend most of their programming time on the life and times of MJ - honestly! and the whole, "but he broke down racial walls" thing.. HELLO! I am pretty sure that Bill Cosby did MUCH more of that than Michael did...

alright, /rant off for the day!

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