Jul 14, 2009

The Flipside of Fun At Redmond's Derby Days

Every July I dread the sounds of the trucks rolling into Redmond Elementary to set up for the yearly Derby Days Carnival.
Now the dred has nothing to do with the sounds of the carnival itself, nor the noises of everyone enjoying the fun rides and games.
The dred actually comes from knowing Monday morning following the fun, after the last truck rolls out, that the field at Redmond Elementary once again will be full of garbage and damage.
Now some of the garbage is from patrons of the carnival itself, however what bothers me more than anything is the trash and damage done by the carnival and it's employees.
Last year it was the horrible soggy stenchy ground from their "laundry room" as well as the tipped over porta potty that was there along with a portable sink for many, many weeks following. Then there is always the piles and piles of cigarette butts scattered throughout where they park their bunkhouses.
This year, they may have not drained as much from the laundry, or left a porta potty or skin, however the trash is there - again, along with damage to the field itself.
I am not sure why exactly they needed to make trenches in the grass or leave large pieces of concrete, boards, zipties and holes everywhere but the fact remains that it is something that their company SHOULD have delt with in the cleanup process before leaving.
Yes, during the summer there seems to be more trash at the school than during the school year, however, the amount that is left there by the Funtastic Traveling Show in just a few days is pretty equal to what is there ALL summer long.

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