May 15, 2009

70% Off certificates at

OK so has some good deals on certificates for dinners.
I was leery at first when I bought one, but I figured for $2 at the time I may as well try.

Anyhow, you go there and you buy a $25 certificate for a local restaurant you like or want to try and usually it costs $10.
You take that certificate with you and have to order like $35 worth of food and then you get the $25 off your order. (all of that is covered in the "fine print" which you can see before you get the certificate)

Well, if you get over there before tomorrow (Saturday May 16th) and use code "TASTY" (without the quotes) at checkout, then the $25 will only cost you $3 which is a damn fine deal if you ask me!

Stimulate the economy, support your local food establishments, eat out and GO GO GO!

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