May 12, 2009


(that's what she said)
I couldn't resist!

Well I forgot to share my Mother's Day flower!
I LOVE LOVE Carnations and this one is yellow with pink tips!

It makes me smile so much!

OK the super awesome boyfriend is making Pork for dinner!
AND because the dogs are super spoiled brats, they are getting their own piece (to share)
They liked to hear of this getting dead pig deal
Cocoa likes it so much he can't keep his tongue in his mouth!

Annie, on the other hand, can not look away!

Spoiled spoiled dogs!

OK on to the sample of coffee I got from Dunkin' Donuts -
Now, I don't think I am a coffee snob or anything but ...
It looked like tanish water/weak tea and tasted like - eraser dust..
you know, that taste you get when you chew on the eraser end of a pencil on accident.
Yeah.. that's the one!
I am glad this was 'sampled' before being bought - saved myself some cash!

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