May 27, 2009

Heading off to Seattle - where I do not drive!
Super Awesome Boyfriend will drive there.... however...
*looks around and whispers*
he scares me

So we ride METRO! Go Go Sound Transit Express Bus Service to downtown Seattle.
Only $2.50 per person as it is a 2 zone (wtf) ride - the damn transfer BETTER get me back or I am not going to be a happy camper!!

Watching down the road for the bus - c'mon 545! or was that 454?

They are building a bunch of new buildings around the Transit Center - it used to be the PARK and RIDE however, there isn't anywhere to park here anymore - not until they are done with all this crap at least...

Oh look! We are finally on the bus! Semi-cushy ride on the ST - not so cushy if we were on the Metro..

And here we have arrived at the Lawyer Dude's office. I love past tenants being all Butthurt Betties and having to sue us - where us really means Super Awesome Boyfriend as my name was removed ha!

Oh look - it's deposition time. I'm not sure if I was supposed to take pictures into the room but nobody told me not to and I didn't see any signs about photography!

OK so I found this HILARIOUS! I was reading a book from 1991 about Seattle and they had a Microsoft section where they talked about William Gates III and his company. (Note the lack of calling him Bill) And OMG look at those computers in that picture!?!
According to Wikipedia Microsoft has "Employees: 89,809 in 105 countries
(2008)" ( so I am guessing that they are higher than the 4,000 now here in "Microsoftville".

Heading back to the Eastside YAY! Wow - there are some tall buildings down here and LOOK it's one of Seattle's finest standing in front of the Verizon Store - I think he may be texting actually!

I had to share the view across the lake on our way back. I love all of the awesomeness of this area - mountains, lakes, oceans, deserts, it's all here right in my backyard!

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