May 20, 2009

Crack Monkey Drivers and Crappy BK

OK we stopped at Burger King (ew) and got some food since Super Awesome Boyfriend was driving and HE made the decision..
Did you ever notice that the food you actually get never looks anything like the burger they show on the menu? Amazing!

Not only did my burger LOOK like crap it was cold and tasted like crap - but let me tell you boys and girls, no way was I going to go have them get me a new one. I KNOW how that works! I used to work at one of them there fast food joints and spitting in the food is all in a day's work! I have seen it, never done it.. I'm much too much of a sweet sweet angel to do something like that!

Then, upon leaving and heading out into the looovely (insert eye roll here) Eastside traffic we encountered our first of several Crack Monkey Drivers.
This young lady obviously can not read the directional signs as it is clearly stated when leaving the Burger King parking lot that you can not turn left, you must turn right, go down a half a block and use the U Turn that they added for such endeavors - which WE did, and upon coming back past the BK Crack Monkey Driver number 1 pulls out in front of us, going up on the yellow raised curb median thing which was supposed to prevent such things. After that lovely manuver, she then proceeds to head onto Highway 520 in front of us driving a slow as a 90 year old grandmother while eating her burger.
Needless to say Super Awesome Boyfriend passed her lickety split.

Our next Crack Monkey Driver Contestant managed to RACE from the fast lane on the freeway into the exit only lane on the right directly in front of us.
I can only hope that he rides his bike that he is packing along in such a manner and that I happen to come upon him doing such things again.
Bike vs Mini Van, 10 to 1 I win that competition!

And here we have the Largest (litereally) Crack Monkey Driver of the 3.
Meet Mr. Sunbelt Rentals truck driver that apparently does not need to heed such warnings as Stop signs and other traffic on the roadways.
He is obviously from the school of "Bigger wins" and doesn't mind sharing that knowledge with the other drivers on the road.

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