May 12, 2009

Dental visits up the ying yang today! First to the orthodontists to take off kiddos bands, then to fancyschmancy dental office for cleaning and checkup, then back to orthodontist to put bands back on! Just had to share the "look" of the dentists.. THIS is why it costs more.. rawr!

Coffee, Tea, Cookies, Apples, Cider, other random stuff.. munchie central!

And here we have our beeeeee-u-tiful fountain/waterfall/etched glass artist thing...

Let's not forget the view down into the MALL.. yes, mall - the crazy dentist is in the mall!

Oh and my cup of coffee, like I wasn't going to have some when they are offering it free! However I did NOT have a cookie - I am on to that trick! "Hey - have a cookie or twelve! Oh my! You need your teeth cleaned and now all these filling are needed - have you been eating sweets again??"


Also - oh how I wish insurance would have covered the Invisalign Teen. The time, effort and issues it would have saved!

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